SirYus technology enables sensitive and reproducible tests for cancer screening by combining several biomarkers to establish an appropriate diagnosis.

Considerable efforts have been devoted to search specific markers with relatiely few results. In fact, from 1261 proteins identified as potentially discriminatory in human cancers, only nine have received final approval from the FDA as biomarkers of tumors.

Many opinion leaders now believe that the pursuit of individual biomarkers will be vain, and that several biomarkers are needed to properly identify cancers in screening protocols.

SirYus multiplex technology brings new solutions to this complex challenge. Simultaneous testings of several biomarkers can largely improve screening sensitivity and specificity.

SirYus : an efficient technology to detect cancer-related biomarkers

Our team has already obtained tangible results in detecting cancer-related biomarkers.


Detection of cancer-related auto antibodies

  • Custom-made multiplex assay using antigens individually validated by EIA
  • Simultaneous detection of antoibodies to 11 antigens and 3 controls
  • A complete profile at a glance

Quantification of soluble tumor biomarkers

  • Combination of reference EIA tests
  • EIA Correlation > 95 % LOD < 1,5 mg/L CV≈10%
  • One test – one full profile


Innobiochips team has also initiated several scientific collaborations to identifiy panels of biomarkers for early detection of cancer.