A Complete multiplex solution for blood grouping

The versatility of SirYus-IH offers an easy transfer to existing lab workstations and could replace gel cards in a near future. The SirYus-IH technology’s breakthrough enables automated, fast and low-cost multiplex blood grouping tests

SirYus-IH is an innovative patented multiplex approach using hemagglutination principles. This method allows the complete blood grouping (ABO, D, IAT and RhKhell) using only 4 wells instead of tens. The process will require few microliters of samples with a time to result equivalent to gel cards.

 The SirYus-IH products consist of:

Test wells printed with anti-group antibodies for the in-parallel capture of red blood cells

  • Reagents required for RBC dilutions and handling
  • Tests are designed to run on gel cards workstations and enable to multiplex existing tests when using same reagents and consumables. 

Key points of SirYus-IH

  • Easy to implement: same process as gel cards
  • Cost reduction: test wells, reagents and wastes are rationalized,
  • Workflow improvement 

The way it works


Comparison chart

Sample needed 5 µL of red cell or 50 µL of plasma <5 µL of red cell
or <100 µL of plasma
3 µL of red cell
or 80 µL of plasma
Buffer LISS based buffer Existing commercial buffer Nd
Time to first result < 10 min for direct and back typing, IAT or phenotyping < 10 min for direct and back typing or phenotyping, 30min for IAT 35 min
Throughput < 1000 samples/h High versatility and easy adaptation on existing systems >2000 samples/h
Format 6-8 Simplex tests 8 Multiplex tests 2 Multiplex tests cartridge
Material Plastic Plastic Glass slide (Safety issue)
Shelf life   > 6 months 6 months
Waste, reagents and consumables One set per plex 5 times less, average 5 times less average
COGS Due to concept, SirYus is highly competitive