Over the last 10 years and the development of various applications in different fields of application, Innobiochips has built up a wealth of experience which is a veritable library of resources available for further needs. This in-depth knowledge of the issues and challenges faced by players in the diagnostics and healthcare sectors is an essential source of inspiration for innovations that are as close as possible to patients' needs.

Picto Transplantation


Transplantation is a critical treatment that faces many challenges to ensure perfect donor/recipient compatibility. Innobiochips has adapted its Siryus technology to offer a novel solution to assess the recipient's reaction to their transplant in order to drastically reduce rejection.


Picto Transfusion


Blood grouping approaches have not evolved in years. The process remains highly repetitive and resource intensive. Innobiochips will introduce a next-generation blood testing and grouping solution: Omnys. Based on breakthrough technologies, Omnys enables high-resolution testing of blood components: Standard ABO/D typing, phenotyping, extended phenotyping and IAT.


Picto Infectious diseases

Infectious diseases

Innobiochips is at the forefront of developing high-resolution multiplex assays that are revolutionizing infectious disease diagnostics. In particular, our team has developed the most advanced COVID-19 diagnostic tool based on its proprietary technology: Covidiag.


Picto Microbiota


Advances in molecular biology have revealed the intricate relationship between the microbiota and various diseases, providing unprecedented opportunities for novel diagnostic solutions. Innobiochips' high-resolution multiplexed diagnostic technologies can detect and characterize anti-microbiota antibodies, providing accurate and valuable insights into an individual's health status.