Transfusion has a wide range of therapeutic indications in modern medicine: anemia, surgical and traumatic bleeding, support of cancer therapy, inherited blood disorders (sickle cell disease, thalassemia, hemophilia), etc. 120 million units of blood are collected worldwide each year for these treatments.

To ensure the safety of transfusions, it is essential to characterize each unit of blood collected and the patient's immunohematologic profile as complete as possible.
Each blood donation must be properly characterized: blood grouping (typing/serotyping), testing for the presence of antibodies (IAT), and diagnostic markers for infectious pathologies.

Current blood grouping technologies haven't evolved in more than twenty years, while the number of samples to be tested and the expectations of users have not stopped growing.

The high-resolution blood grouping tests developed by Innobiochips offer new, more accurate, productive and sustainable solutions.


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A game-changing solution to ensure ultimate blood compatibility

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Based on breakthrough technologies, Omnys enables high-resolution testing of blood components: Standard ABO/D typing, phenotyping, extended phenotyping and IAT.

These exclusive technologies are embedded in standard automated laboratory equipment that fits seamlessly into any blood transfusion workflow. Easily implemented on standard laboratory workstations, Omnys could replace current gel card technology in the near future.

Omnys dramatically reduces the amount of infectious laboratory waste and plastic needed to perform blood grouping tests, as well as transportation costs.

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