Since 2008, Innobiochips has consistently pushed the boundaries of diagnostic technology through its commitment to innovation, quality and patient care.
Today, Innobiochips is an established industrial player in the diagnostics market with a diversified portfolio of innovative technologies and solutions.

  • 2008 Innobiochips was founded by Vianney Souplet and Christophe Olivier to develop new in vitro diagnostic technologies based on breakthrough approaches in biology and biochemistry.
  • 2010 SirYus, a breakthrough technology dedicated to miniaturization and combination immunoassays, is patented worldwide and opens a new field of multiplex IVD devices.
  • 2013 Innobiochips achieves ISO 13485 certification, a major milestone in the company's development, demonstrating its commitment to quality management and regulatory compliance in the IVD industry.
  • 2015 First distribution agreement signed for an IVD product incorporating Innobiochips technology.
  • 2017 First CE-marked IVD product launched for anti-HLA antibody identification in the transplantation market.
  • 2020 Innobiochips files a patent for multiplex anti-group Ab detection for the transfusion market and launches a high-resolution diagnostic kit for COVID19.
  • 2021 Innobiochips joins the France Relance plan to industrialize its solutions.
  • 2023 Innobiochips creates a Scientific Advisory Board to accelerate its market access programs.
  • 2024 Innobiochips secures €3.5 million in financing to expand in the blood transfusion diagnostics market.