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Mission statement

At the forefront of life sciences research, Innobiochips uses the latest scientific developments to improve the precision, specificity and performance of human health diagnostics.

Our goals: to improve laboratory productivity and to open new perspectives for healthcare professionals to better detect and monitor pathological phenomena.

Unique strengths

Innobiochips' teams combine excellent strategic vision, strong engineering skills, complete mastery of regulatory issues and significant manufacturing capabilities.

In close contact with diagnostic labs and clinicians , Innobiochips mobilizes these skills to translate scientific advances into turnkey solutions for healthcare professionals and patients.

Since its creation in 2008, Innobiochips has maintained its pioneering spirit and a highly horizontal, agile organization to accelerate developments and maintain a wide technological lead on the market.


Innobiochips is developing a diversified portfolio of innovative diagnostic solutions in several key healthcare markets: transplantation, inflammation, infectious diseases and blood transfusion.

Proof of concept
Design and Development
Production and Sales

Histo Spot®

Multiplex automated HLA antibody diagnostics for transplantation. License granted to BAG Diagnostics.



Advanced COVID-19 serological analysis tools.



Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) analysis and monitoring tools.



Next generation blood testing solution.


| Regulatory approval

Corporate governance

Since its creation in 2008, Innobiochips' governance has evolved significantly to keep pace with the company's rapid growth.
Founded and developed by two healthtech entrepreneurs with a passion for diagnostic technologies, Innobiochips has built a management structure around its core competencies: R&D, design, industrialization and regulatory affairs.
A strategic committee, composed of managers and investors with experience in the life sciences sector, supports the company's development. A Scientific Committee, composed of experts in human health diagnostics technologies and markets, guides and validates the R&D efforts of Innobiochips' teams.

Key figures


10years of ISO 13485 certification

3CE marked solutions developed

1Mbiological tests produced a year and sold all over the world

3international patents