Innobiochips develops the SirYus technology, a disruptive way to design, manufacture and read multiplex immunoassays, paving the way for innovative diagnostics solutions for human health.

Founded by experts in biology and biochemistry, Innobiochips has developed a completely innovative approach to design multiplex assays : SirYus technology.

Based on standard lab equipment, SirYus enables to run up to 200 highly specific, accurate and fast tests on a single biological sample.

The simplest multiplex immunoassay on the market

Based on a patented surface functionalization method, SirYus yields very specific and accurate results in record time. The technology uses standard equipement and consumables that can be easily implemented and scaled in any research or industrial process

A breakthrough technology for in vitro diagnostics

Fast, reliable, powerful : SirYus technology takes in vitro diagnostics to the next level and opens new possibilities for oncology, infectious diseases, blood screening and tranplantation.


  • 2008 Creation
  • 2010 SirYus patent deposit
  • 2013 ISO 13485 certification
  • 2014 Distribution agreement for our first IVD product
  • 2015 first production batches of transplantation kits
  • 2016 Market launch