Predicting and monitoring the organ compatibility for transplantation

SirYus technology opens the way for novel solutions to assess receivers reactions towards their transplant in order to drastically reduce rejection


Innobiochips has developed an in vitro diagnostic test for identification of anti-HLA antibodies on a multiplex immunodiagnostic basis and provides high resolution antibody identification results to predict compatibility and avoid acute rejection.

The test kits consist of:


wellsTest wells printed with HLA Class I (n = 97) or Class II (n = 88) antigens for the in parallel detection of anti-HLA antibodies
wellsA set of reagents required for incubation and detection of antibodies

Test is running on a fully automated workstation processing 1 to 96 samples and automating the process from incubation, reading through the result interpretation.

This SirYus technology application is being developed with two German partners.

This solution enables to automate a today partially manual process and to yield more reliable and accurate biological data.


wells3HLA Antigens printed in the bottom of each well of 96 well plates


tranplantationSamples and reagent are processed by automate


tranplantationPicture and DATA are extracted from a well after sample incubation