Innobiochips team

Innobiochips gathers talented and seasoned managers and partners that steer the company’s growth and ensure stable strategic development. A 15-employee team is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of current products.



  • Stéphane Duthoit

    Stéphane DUTHOIT, 61, has managed biotech companies for 26 years. He is a DVM with an MBA and turned around successfully 5 companies.

  • Vianney Souplet

    Vianney SOUPLET, 42, Co-founder, is focusing on Business development. PhD in Biology, trained in management of innovation prior to creating Innobiochips.

  • Christophe Olivier

    Christophe OLIVIER, 49, Co-founder, is running the technical development part. He has a PhD in Chemistry, published several papers and patents on biochips technology.

Strategic board

  • François-René Letourneur

    François-René LETOURNEUR, is CEO of Finovam Gestion, and an experienced venture capital investor and manager with board experience in accelerated growth situations. M&A experience in deal structuring, negociation and closing. He has an engineer's Degree and an MBA.

  • Claude Grenier

    Claude GRENIER, CEO of Genes Diffusion, Canadian. He is well- known in the agro industry. He managed PIC in Europe.

  • Eric Halioua

    Eric HALIOUA, Advisor, he has a DEA in molecular biology and pharmacology and a MBA. He has been principal at the management consulting company Arthur D. Little prior and co-founder of Myosix and Murigenetics. He has been CEO of Promethera Biosciences (Belgium) and is seating in several biotech companies’ boards.

  • Denis Henrard

    Denis HENRARD, Advisor, he has a BS in chemistry and biochemistry, a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has worked at Abbott and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics in the US and focuses now on start-ups. He was the CEO of InOvo and chairs the board of Venomtech in the UK.