The agreement allows BAG Diagnostics to integrate Innobiochips' proprietary SirYus technology into its Histo Spot product line. This unique technology brings to the transplantation market an innovative multiplex serological solution that enables fully automated and accurate identification of HLA antibodies: a major advancement in the determination and monitoring of donor-recipient compatibility. The agreement opens new perspectives for the development of Innobiochips.

Developed and industrialized by Innobiochips, SirYus is a powerful, easy-to-use multiplex In Vitro diagnostic technology that enables it to process 4 to 200 tests on a reduced biological sample.
SirYus is based on a patented process of surface functionalization and probes printing in order to reach an ultra-precise  analyte detection and to achieve high reproducibility and efficiency in the detection of small molecules, large proteins and captured cells.

This scalable technology uses standard ELISA materials and commercially available reagents, making it accessible, reliable and easy to implement on a variety of plastic substrates and workstations.

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Innobiochips has partnered with BAG Diagnostics, a leading European company, since 2015 to develop new applications for this innovative technology. This collaboration is now leading to a novel diagnostic solution for pre- and post-transplant HLA antibody compatibility testing in recipients.

Innobiochips has been involved in the entire development process: R&D, test automation, device industrialization and regulatory validation.

Integrated in the Hispo Spot product line, the Siryus technology offers BAG Diagnostics decisive advantages for this type of test: a fully automated and optimized workflow, minimal sample size, direct and highly accurate HLA antibody identification and highly flexible testing capacity.

In 2022, BAG Diagnostics acquired a license for SirYus technology following positive user feedback, which shows the high level of performance and value of SirYus tests in diagnostics.

The financial resources released by this agreement open new perspectives for Innobiochips to develop its technology portfolio in other in-vitro diagnostics markets. In particular, the company aims to bring major innovations to the blood transfusion testing market, based on its unique know-how in multiplex testing.