Innobiochips is an innovative In Vitro Diagnostic company . It has developed several multiplex IVD technologies that are now integrated into diagnostic devices distributed worldwide in human and veterinary health.
To ensure the consistency of R&D strategy and keep a level of  scientific and technological expertise, Innobiochips has set up an international Scientific Advisory Board.
The Innobiochips Scientific Advisory Board includes both top-level scientists and representatives of users and manufacturers in the diagnostic sector.
The Innobiochips Scientific Advisory Board is composed of the following members.

Julie Thibault


With a PhD in Microbiology, Julie has worked in the in-vitro diagnostics and medical device industry for 13 years. She is well versed in quality assurance, regulatory affairs and industrial production constraints.

Peter Schwind


Peter Schwind  has a PhD in protein biochemistry and 30 years of experience in the diagnostics industry as CEO, R&D Director or Chairman of the Board. He has been responsible for the commercialization of more than 60 new products (CE certified and FDA cleared).

Christophe Martinaud

Christophe MARTINAUD

A Doctor of Medicine with a PhD in Molecular Biology, specializing in Laboratory Medicine, Christophe Martinaud has worked in transfusion medicine as Medical Director, Laboratory Manager and Head of Research and Innovation. He directed the CTSA (French Army Blood Transfusion Center).