Omnys communication

Driven by its unique expertise in biology and biochemistry, Innobiochips develops breakthrough solutions that significantly improve the accuracy and productivity of in vitro diagnostic approaches.
2 years after bringing a major innovation to the transplantation market, Innobiochips launches Omnys, an innovative blood transfusion solution that increases four-fold laboratory productivity and significantly improves the durability of blood testing and grouping.

Omnys is a complete blood grouping and testing solution dedicated to transfusion. Based on several exclusive technologies patented by Innobiochips, Omnys enables healthcare facilities and analytical laboratories to easily integrate multiplex analysis, increase productivity and significantly reduce waste.

Omnys, the Next Generation Blood Testing technology

Leveraging breakthrough technologies, Omnys sets a new benchmark for blood grouping opening the way of multiplex testing. Omnys offers high-resolution testing of blood components, including Standard ABO/D typing, phenotyping, extended phenotyping, and IAT.

Clinicians can now perform multiplex testing with unparalleled precision, reliability, and efficiency using minimal sample volumes.


Omnys equipment

The Omnys solution is a fully integrated multiplex approach dedicated to blood grouping. This innovative solution is based on the combination of equipments, testing devices, reagents and consumables.

  • A fully integrated automate equipped with different modules to process samples from primary tube to final result,
  • 4 different multiplex testing devices called “Foils” enabling to test samples with a “pick-and-choose” approach: each foil is composed of 8 wells, each dedicated to test 1 sample:
    • Omnys ABO/D: Typing and Serotyping
    • Omnys PHENO: Phenotyping Rh/Kell
    • Omnys IAT: Antibody Screening
    • Omnys ExtPHENO Extended Phenotyping

4x productivity increase 

Omnys significantly enhances lab productivity by enabling complete blood samples  characterization with only 4 to 6 wells, compared to the 16 wells required by gel card or microplates technologies. This leap in efficiency opens new horizons for productivity, accelerating operations while conserving human resources.

Maximal sustainability: a reduced carbon footprint for blood testing

The IVD industry has a major impact on the planet, generating an estimated 5.4 million tons of plastic waste each year.

The productivity gains brought about by Omnys also translate into a significantly reduced environmental footprint. Omnys dramatically reduces the amount of infectious lab waste and plastic needed to perform blood tests, as well as the transportation costs,.

The carbon footprint of the Omnys technology was evaluated compared to the standard gel card and microplates technologies  in two aspects: transportation and end-of-life (clinical waste). 

Our projection shows a 50% reduction in CO2 produced by the Omnys solution: a performance in line with COP21 targets.

Ultimate blood compatibility: enlarge sample characterization without any additional costs

Omnys 8-well foils incorporate exclusive technologies and perform up to 10 tests per well and per sample.

With Omnys, labs can enhance sample characterization without incurring additional costs, thanks to complementary data and embedded controls that take compatibility to the next level.

A beta testing program for Omnys opens early 2025 

Innobiochips invites blood banks, healthcare institutions, and transfusion specialists to participate in a unique beta testing program for the Omnys solution, starting early 2025.

This six-month trial period is designed to evaluate and integrate Omnys into your transfusion management workflow. The program includes installation, training in sample preparation, usage, result interpretation, and ongoing user assistance.

For more information or to join the beta testing program, please contact us.